Saturday, January 17, 2009

BUZZ: "Lost" Spoilers, Weiner Returns to "Mad Men," "Crank 2" Trailer, and more

• "Lost" spoilers: This season will be very Sawyer-centric; There's a bomb storyline; We'll learn the meaning of the four-toed statue; Five of the series regulars are rumored to die and one will die at the end of the first episode; Even though it seemed like Jin died, he will be on the show in one form or another; Unlike last year, Claire will actually get more face time; Somehow Charlie will return or be featured in a flashback; There will only be 48 more episodes spread over 3 seasons.
Laura Prepon ("That 70's Show" and "October Road") is joining "How I Met Your Mother" to play a potential wifey to Ted, an obnoxious ex-girlfriend who cheated on him just to break up with him in college.
• It's official, Matthew Weiner, the genius behind "Mad Men" is returning to the series as lead writer. Everyone take a deep breath, it now has a promising chance not to suck.
• In series renewal news, TNT has ordered six more episodes of "Leverage," Marc Cherry has been convinced to not end "Desperate Housewives" after seven seasons.
• In April, Scott Bakula ("Quantum Leap") will appear on "Chuck" as Mr. Bartowski, a jealous eccentric, who is not too eager to reunite with his kids.
• The good news is Vanessa Marcil ("Las Vegas" and "Lipstick Jungle") has a job again. The bad news is if you want to see her, you'll have to watch "Without a Trace."

Juan Antonio Bayona (The Orphanage) and James Mangold (3:10 to Yuma, Walk the Line, and Identity) are being considered for the directing role of the third Twilight film, following the director-swap tradition of Harry Potter.

Crank 2: High Voltage: In the sequel to this super surreal comedic action thriller, Jason Statham reprises his role as a parkour-savvy man-on-a-mission. In the last film, he needed to keep his heart rate at a certain level so that a poison wouldn't kill him, and now he has to keep his artificial heart juiced up with various forms of electricity so that his battery pack doesn't run out before he finds his real heart and gets it reattached. So his solutions are jumper cables, power lines, and my personal favorite static electricity, which could be achieved by rubbing yourself against a rug, but is more entertaining when achieved by rubbing against an old lady.
Release Date: April 17
Imagine That: When I first read the synopsis to this Eddie Murphy movie, I thought it was a mix of Bedtime Stories and Enchanted. It's about a workaholic who starts to get good business advice from his daughter's imaginary friends. I think in this work climate, businessmen would take financial advice from an imaginary dog if they had to. So I was expecting these imaginary people to be visible eventually, however, they're not. We're as unaware of what his little girl (adorable newcomer Yara Shahidi) is seeing as he is, which actually isn't so bad. It's like we're on this rollercoaster ride with him. In the fashion of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's The Game Plan, this film takes a look into the father-daughter relationship that's usually difficult to mold since men are completely uninformed when it comes to females. It's an absolutely perfect film to take your dad or daughter to on Father's Day. And you can rest assured that it'll remind you of the kid-friendly Murphy that made you laugh back in '98 with Doctor Doolittle.
Release Date: June 12th
Planet 51: Okay, so nobody wanted to see Delgo and barely anyone showed up for The Tale of Despereaux, but I can assure you there's no way in hell children won't think this movie is funny. A human lands on a planet and tries to claim it for America, you know, like we did the moon. How obnoxious were we by the way? Sticking a flag into a rock a bajillion light years away and calling it our own? That's literally like going to another continent, killing all of its inhabitants and being like, "We call this America." Oh yeah, we did that too. Anwyay, this movie makes fun of just that. What if there were aliens on the next planet we tried to claim? Normal aliens, with houses, Alien-like pets, and backyard barbecues. What if they thought humans were the aliens? Cue the slapstick humor.
Release Date: November 20th


  1. Hey is anyone familiar with host Al Trautwig, he does commentary for Knicks and Rangers and is actually a Lost fan, who knew! Anyway, he's starting his own weekly lost blog where he discusses some of his theories on the whole time travel concept and how he thinks that Miles is the son of Dr. Marvin Candle! it's really interesting..

  2. Here's the link:

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