Saturday, January 17, 2009

TV: "Grey's Anatomy": Momma Shepperd's Visit

While I'm sure there was some greater meaning to this week's episode, the only thing I took away from it was that dating rituals are extremely odd.

Meredith was on a mission to impress Derek's mother, who surprised him with a visit so that she could determine whether or not she should give him her ring to use when he proposes to her. Meredith eventually got the greenlight, but not before she humiliated herself with a super high ponytail, unnatural amounts of smiling, and excruciatingly obsessive dating tips from Izzie, who had the nerve to tell her with a straight face: "Short little nuggets of Meredith--that's all anyone really needs." That's exactly how I feel!

Christina's relationship with Owen is progressing relatively smoothly. Momma Shepherd, a former Naval nurse, asked him if he sleeps regularly after returning from Iraq, and he dodged the question like a drug addict denying a recent dosage. Then he went out and got really really drunk, which wouldn't be a problem if he hadn't asked Christina out on a date earlier that day. Somehow the evening ended with her telling him to wash the drunken stench off of himself, and him interpreting that as an order to shower in her house with his clothes on. We were suppose to tear-up at how pathetic he looked as she helped him undress, but all I could do was stare at the screen with dry wide eyes as he told the story of his best surgery--the one where he had to stop the excessive bleeding of a soldier whose limbs were barely attached by laying on top of him until they reached the hospital. What the F?!!! I think the chief needs to stop worrying about running the best hospital and start worrying about how screwed up his staff immediately.

The reason Owen felt the need to inform Christina of his best surgery was because she had asked him about it after Izzie got it into her head that they would never have anything to talk about outside of the hospital. She tested that theory when they were alone and there was a lull in the conversation. She eventually spazzed and left without getting an answer like a dork. Even though Owen had oddly ordered her to give a patient an enema after asking her out, her behavior was odder. That moment alone should be reason alone to forgive Meredith. Separate they clearly act like idiots, and taking advice from Izzie, the ghost screwer, isn't a better alternative. I have a feeling the reason for Izzie's hallucinations is about to be unveiled. She "broke up" with Denny, because she suddenly grew envious of Meredith's ability to meet her lover's mom. Then when Alex took the new doc's advice and decided he and Izzie should take a vacation together, so he could introduce her to his mom, she knew for sure that she'd made the right choice. But then Denny sat down next to Alex and said he needed to talk to him. Not that he could, but that he needed to. Hmm, unless there's going to be a possession episode, I'm assuming her brain trauma is going to present itself very soon.

Unfortunately, Momma Sheppered wasn't just in town to pry into her son's love life. Apparently, she'd practically raised Mark too. So naturally he avoided her so that he wouldn't be scolded for bedding someone who's almost half his age. I loved it when she asked him, "Which one is she?" and he felt the need to respond: "The one with the juice box." Way to not incriminate yourself dude. The best though was when she originally got him to tell the truth, noting his signature guilty expression. Apparently, he had the same one when he put Derek's pet frog in the microwave, leading him to hilariously say with a straight face: "I never pressed Start." Priceless.

Since Meredith was dumb enough to tell the serial killer how he could kill himself, guaranteeing Bailey's patient an organ donor, next week Bailey and Derek will play a tug of war for the rights to his body parts. Derek refuses to be an excutioner and Bailey refuses to let the boy die. I wonder who'll win. I know who I'm rooting for. But in the end, will Derek ever forgive Meredith for what she'll make him do? Either way, he'll be a murderer just like the serial killer said.

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