Friday, January 16, 2009

TV: "The Office": Love Triangles Galore: Angela + Dwight + Andy

Thankfully, ex-Prez Bush didn't ruin one of the funniest episodes in "Office" history. Dwight and Andy childishly "dueled" for Angela's hand in marriage. Even she was shocked, saying, "I can't believe they're going to fight over me," with a glimmer of excitement in her eyes. Luckily Kelly was there to put the kabosh on her happiness, countering with: "I guess when people get older they have fewer choices." Ouch!

The "duel" ended soon after Andy pinned Dwight against a bush with his super-silent Prius. As they were shouting insults and hurtful secrets to each other, they suddenly realized that Angela had slept with both of them after telling Dwight she was only sleeping with him. That whore! Now the poor lugs have resolved to calling a truce. I loved the way they informed her. It was so cold. Andy returned to his desk and proceeded to make a phone call where he audibly cancelled wedding reservations and Dwight visibly threw away the bobblehead she bought him. While it's super sad--for all of them--Angela should be grateful that she dodged those bullets. Andy is obsessive and in constant need of affirmation, and Dwight...well Dwight comes from a family that actually invented this nursery rhyme:
"Learn your rules/You better learn your rules/If you don't/You'll be eaten in your sleep! *treacherous biting sound*"
That was close. Now that Pam and Angela have been subjected to inane love triangles, I wonder who'll be next. Actually, now that I think about it, there've been several love triangles:
• There's the original one with Pam, Jim, and Roy.
• Then Jim was in one with Pam and Karen.
Pam wasn't aware she was in one with Jim and Toby.
Ryan was completely oblivious that he was in one with Kelly and Michael.
• But then Ryan voluntarily entered one with Kelly and Darryl.
• Then Angela played Andy and Dwight against each other,
• While Michael got caught between Jan and Holly.
• And technically Jan was in one with Michael and her assistant, the musician who hilariously wrote a sex song about her.
• Oh and Jan thought she was in one with Pam and Michael at the beginning, which lead to some seriously borderline Fatal Attraction scenes.

So who's left? It looks like Stanley, Kevin, Phyllis, Meredith, Creed, and Oscar haven't had a turn. While Pam and Michael's had the best results, I thought Kelly's was the funniest. So for another hilarious triangle of love, hate, and psychotic behavior, I vote for either Meredith or Oscar to go next. Meredith could have one between a drinking buddy and an AA sponsor, which could lead to some disturbing yet hilarious scenes. And Oscar's would most assuredly make Michael uncomfortable, which is hilarity in itself.

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