Wednesday, January 07, 2009

TV RECAP: "Privileged": Sage + Louise Kiss

+ Megan fell off the bed trying to seduce Will, and she had to go to the hospital when she started bleeding from the head. lol She told him she was trying to seduce him and then they had sex in the hospital supply closet.
+ Her mother kept trying to insert herself into her life: giving her guy advice, bringing her soup (with ingredients she was allergic to), and buying her a dress she thought she might like (which she did). But once she said that Will was a player, Megan grew cold and told her that she doesn't want to have a relationship with her. However, by the end of the episode, she changed her mind because she realized her mom had some good points. But her mom never called her back.
+ Charlie was having girlfriend trouble. Mandy kept being jealous of his dependence on Megan. He needed her to go over his college entrance essays since he wants to go to college in San Diego. Even though Megan was sad he was leaving, she was super helpful. But Mandy wanted him to ask her for help. She's bugging. Megan went to Yale and she's a writer!
+ Rose was busy helping Sage talk to Louise, the cook she likes. She noticed that he was impressed with her class topic about Cuba, so she automatically assumed he was Cuban and told Sage that. Then they devised a plan to create a luncheon to benefit Cuban refugees and for Louise to create a whole menu around it, giving him responsibility and her the opportunity to talk his ear off. Except, Sage just kept saying "yes" to everything he wanted even though she wasn't impressed with it and she didn't really speak that much.
+ Since this was Rose's first luncheon, she didn't realize she was stepping into another socialite's territory. The old hag claimed that Cuba was her charity case. Rose refused to back off and as a result there were speech issues and food issues, blah blah blah. The old hag tried to put them on the spot and called everyone's attention so that Rose could give a speech about Cuba. While she did come through, Sage looked like an idiot. In the end, Louise eventually asked why she was benefiting a country she knew nothing about and she finally admitted it was because she wanted to impress him because she liked him. And he revealed that he's Argentinian not Cuban. lol And then he told her that she should've just told him she liked him, sealing it with a kiss.
+ Marco, the gay chef, got dumped because he wouldn't commit to him or a location for the restaurant he wants to open. I think he's grown too attached to the girls and to running a kitchen, so he doesn't want to leave.

Next week, they'll tackle the topic of dating the help and whether Megan can get Laurel to allow it. Marco is the main voice of reason. Can't wait to hear what Laurel says.

Best Quotes
+ Rose was shocked to discover how hard it was to organize a seating chart: "Everybody hates each other in Palm Beach." And Sage replies: "Yeah, it's Palm Beach, not the freaking Midwest."
+ Megan was trying to prove to Will that he didn't have to avoid sleeping with her because she was a nice girl: "I'm not nice. This bra--see-through."
+ Marco's exclamation after hearing that Megan finally slept with Will name-drops one of my fave shows: "McTrashy that's so Grey's [Anatomy] of you."
+ Marco told Megan that Will wouldn't sleep with her because she's angelic, the equivalent of a Madonna Whore. So she starts ranting about how slutty she feels after sleeping with Will at the hospital: "I should've stayed on my Madonna track. Madonna's get married, whore's get....screwed." And Marco replies: "Try to keep up honey, Madonna's getting divorced." But Megan had to reply: "But someone wanted to marry her...twice! And she wrote a children's book--this is one virtuous woman."

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