Wednesday, February 04, 2009

TV RECAP: "Gossip Girl": Dan & Ms. Carr, Chuck & Mystery Girl

The winner of the most interesting plot of the night goes to....drum roll please...Dan Humphrey?

Dan + Ms. Carr
That's right kids--the student-teacher sex romp finally came to pass and put Pacey's lame tryst on "Dawson's Creek" to shame. When you want to bag an older woman in a position of authority, always go for one in her 20s--at least there's a future there. Although, maybe not for Dan. When evil Blair picked on her, spreading rumors of her non-existent relationship with Dan, she took it to the dean again and got her expelled. Her father wasn't having it and he demanded that the situation be addressed in an emergency parent's association meeting. Was it just me or were there not enough parents there? Anyway, B was lucky that Ms. Carr is socially retarded enough to meet up with Dan hours before having to attend the meeting. Crying on his shoulder in suggestive positions led Serena to believe the rumors were true. I nearly screamed my head off when it took her all of 60 seconds to realize she should snap a photo--boy is she slow. I thought B was overdoing it when she wanted to retaliate for having to do community service (which of course Derrota ended up doing), and I even thought waging war because of newly implemented in-school cell phone restrictions initiated by Ms. Carr was a bit much. But getting a senior kicked out of high school and off the Yale admission's list is completely and unequivocally grounds for all-out war. If I were B, the rumor would've been much worse than pedophilia and a violation of ethics. Too bad Chuck was too busy in his own bizarro world. She could've borrowed the list he compiled to destroy his uncle Jack.

In the end, Ms. Carr ended her flimsy friendship with Serena, who was uncharacteristically interested in being a writer all of a sudden, and began a less platonic one with Dan. Unfortunately, she wasn't aware that the headmistress was trying to call and give her her job back after realizing that she had no actual proof of the allegations and was susceptible to a major lawsuit, so she totally rocked Dan's world. If Serena was intimidated by her before, she's going to want to crawl into a deep hole after this. Luckily, they ended their relationship before he went that far, but I'm sure she'll think of a reason to be pissed anyway. Can't wait to see what goes down the morning-after--Dan isn't exactly the smoothest of lovers. I also can't wait to see if Ms. Carr will return to work still bright-eyed and bushy-tailed or if she'll have grown an armored layer under which she'll be plotting her revenge.

Chuck + Mystery Girl
I want to first say that any situation that pulls Chuck further away from Blair is unwelcome. That said, I do find it mildly interesting that his father was in a secret society that he could possibly join. But I probably would've taken it a little more seriously if Nate and Vanessa weren't busy making fun of it during the entire episode. Last week, I learned that Chuck would wake up in his bed without any knowledge of how he got there, and only vague memories of a beautiful girl seducing him in a room full of masked people. V describing it as "the Chuck Bass version of Narnia" was pretty funny, but her otherwise unnecessary involvement was disappointing. However, I am glad that she's still nice to him. He can use all the friends he can get. Especially ones that humor his sudden obsession with girls who kidnap, drug, and abandon him. Oh Chuck, you need therapy. The girl was completely uninteresting. The fact that she never got home and her employers are worried about her disappearance is also uninteresting. Where this will lead him and what path it'll offer him, however, is intriguing.

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