Wednesday, February 04, 2009

TV RECAP: Love Triangles on "90210"

Ethan & Annie...& Rhonda: If there was any doubt that Ethan was a gullible buffoon before, then Aimee Teegarden's guest-cameo as Rhonda proved it without a doubt. He may have lucked out by not getting a scratch on him during his suspenseful car accident, but the other driver, Rhonda, got a punctured lung. Once she realized that the overly remorseful Ethan had no idea who she was, despite the fact that she sits in front of him in French class, she guilted him into waiting on her hand-and-foot and developing a carpe diem-motivated "friendship." Even though she can walk perfectly fine, she pretends to be in severe pain whenever he's around. Since Teegarden already has a gig on "Friday Night Lights" as Julie, the ever-annoying coach's daughter, I can't imagine she'll be sticking around for very long--just long enough to be a thorn in Annie's side.

Adrianna & Ty...& Navid: Even though Adrianna is a truly unsavory character by all accounts--a drug addict, a narcissist, a liar, and now a teen mom--I grow to love her more than Annie after every episode. While Ty's parents tried to make her sign a gag order, go away to a spa, have the baby, and give it up for adoption, her mom pulled a 1-80 and actually defended her rights as a mother. Intsead of trying to milk Ty's parents or force her to give it up for adoption, she promised to help her out. I don't know if I trust her just yet though. She's known for whoring her daughter out, so who knows what she has up her sleeve? In the end, Adrianna rejected Ty's offer and sought help from Navid. No, not that kind of help. All she wanted him to do was put her on the high school TV show so she could publicly announce that she was pregnant, in order to prevent everyone from talking about her behind her back. The kicker was when she revealed the father's identity at the end by saying it was immaculate conception. Love her. Poor Navid. Her bravery made him fall in love with her all over again, even though he's presently talking up a cute Indian girl who is socially perfect for him.

Dixon & Christina...& Silver: I thought this was the episode we'd discover why Silver's been acting all erratic, but instead she just admitted to being in love with Dixon. This is totally going to blow up in his face.

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