Sunday, March 01, 2009

TV Highlights: Chuck's Wedding Ring, Betty's new guy Matt, & Dollhouse's Attic

The funniest moment of last week's episode had to be when Jeff was trying to convince Lester to sing in an audition for Ellie's wedding reception and he chose to recite the 8 Mile theme song.
• This dialogue exchange comes in as a close second:
Jeff: "Does it shock you that 80% of my encounters with women have been completely without their knowledge?"
Chuck: "Honestly, I'm more surprised by the other 20%."
Morgan: "Dude it's not stalking--it's caring enough about someone to learn things about them that they won't tell you themselves."
Chuck: "...which is stalking."
• The best moment had to be when the ring that Sarah was supposed to return after pretending to be Chuck's wife the week before, fell off her finger, proving that Sarah still loves Chuck.
• The second best of course was when Sarah thought Chuck died in a car explosion and nearly broke down in tears.

Salma Hayek's portrayal of a saucy Puerto Rican was topped this week when she said the words: "I don't want to go all Marc Anthony on you," referencing the Latin singer's possessiveness over J. Lo. I nearly died laughing.

UGLY BETTY - Best lines:
Mark was trying to butter up Betty, so she says: "So today I don't look like Dora the Explorer?"
Amanda describes Betty's new guy Matt as: "Tall, dork, and handsome."
Mark tells Betty that she's meant to be with Matt by saying: "You're like those weird show dogs trying to mate--a greyhound and chihuahua."
Hilda didn't think it was wise of Betty to date someone she worked with, giving her life experience as an example: "After the video store Larry and the subway booth guy, I learned my lesson."
• Also, I can't believe Henry has a new girlfriend. Lame. There's no way I would've accepted his friend request.

• The Russian guy Agent Ballard is trying to use as an informant was revealed to be a doll. That's a nice twist. I had his next door neighbor pegged for one. Hmm. She still could be though. She's super eager to know where he is at all times. Then again, that's apparently a signature fictional female trait.
• I loved the part when Echo described one aspect of being famous as a: "Shave ya head, flash your junk, wacky phase."
• I'm very interested in what the Dollhouse head honchos mean when they said they can send a doll to "the attic." I have a feeling they don't mean on vacation.
• Lastly, after Echo and Sierra were wiped at the end, Echo motioned for her not to approach when some of the Dollhouse agents were chatting nearby and eyeing her. Why would a brainless doll be wary of anyone? They're supposed to be carefree and oblivious, yet she seemed like she knew they were talking about her and she didn't want Sierra to get in trouble too.
• I can't wait till next week when a completely wiped Echo has to figure out a way to stay alive while pulling a heist. This will prove once and for all that she's different.

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