Sunday, May 10, 2009

CLIPPED: "Crash" (2004)

I realized that sometimes I don't love an entire movie, making my ability to list my top 5 favorites rather difficult, but there's always one scene of a film that saves it completely and it's that one part that I can watch a million times. Every now and then, I'll embed/link/describe my favorite scenes from underrated as well as Oscar-nominated flicks. First up:

In 2006, it won three Oscars, most impressively for Original Screenplay and Motion Picture. It was critically lauded for its series of vignettes and my personal favorite involved Michael Peña. He won an Alma Award for his role as a Hispanic locksmith, who lived in a dangerous neighborhood with frequent drive-bys. His young daughter was terrified that one day she would get shot, so he told her that she could have his invisible protection cloak that would stop any bullet from hurting her. A Persian-immigrant and former customer of the locksmith was robbed and the insurance wouldn't cover it, so he went to Peña's house to get payback and the most beautiful and heartwrenching moment happens... It's a mixture of the loss of sound when he screams in agony at the sight of his daughter being shot, her whispering words of reassurance, and the moment he searches her torso for the missing wound that makes your heart stop along with his. Amazing.

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