Sunday, May 10, 2009

VIDEOS: SNL's "Mother Lover" & "Immigrant Tale" [Justin Timberlake]

These were the funniest skits from "SNL" this weekend, which was hosted by Justin Timberlake, who informed the audience in his musical monologue that he was planning on dropping by unexpectedly all year long:

"Immigrant Tale"
This was pretty hilarious because Justin was pretending to be his Irish great grandfather, predicting that he would one day have a grandchild who would be a pop star. The funniest part, however, was when he predicted that his grandson would secretly have sex with his "virgin" pop singer girlfriend. The crowd could not contain itself.

"Mother Lover"
This was a Mother's Day tribute starring Andy Samberg and Justin as the boys from "Dick in a Box," and Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson as their mothers. They were basically offering to have sex with each other's mothers since they forgot to buy gifts. My favorite part is when they say, "It would be my honor/to be your new stepfather." ROFL!

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