Thursday, May 28, 2009

TV: ABC's Finales: Castle, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Lost, Ugly Betty

Castle: The plot thickened. Castle uncovered something major about Kate's mother's murder. It wasn't a fluke. She was targeted and it was pre-meditated. As for their budding relationship, he has a little more competition now that her ex-boyfriend, Agent Sorenson, is back in town and milking his hospital stay.

Desperate Housewives: I'm glad Dave didn't kill MJ. That would've been horrific. And I'm also happy that it brought Susan and Mike closer together. Whether it's close enough for them to have gotten married again, I'm not sure. Maybe he didn't really ditch Katherine at the airport and her life doesn't suck. Maybe. Lynette learning that she's pregnant with twins really blew my mind. That woman is like a baby factory. How are they going to afford having those two kids and paying for both Tom and the twins' college tuition? They better win the lottery. I do, however, like Tom's great idea to learn Chinese do he can start selling ads in international markets. It's about time he did something helpful. If it wasn't for his brazilliant idea to have sex for an entire month, they wouldn't be in the predicament they're in right now. Bree's storyline is the most scandalous. She's fallen in lust with Susan's ex, Karl, and intends on having an affair with him as long as Orson continues to blackmail her into staying in their marriage. Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Carlos have taken in a relative of his who happens to be a teenage boy-magnet and a bad example for the little girls. Can't wait till Gabby puts her in her place.

Grey's Anatomy: OMG! It was epic. It was epically epic! lol I could really care less about Izzie. No offense. I love the girl, really. But she's like the dying person in a horror movie, who milks their death scene. As it turns out, a season-long death warrant isn't actually that interesting. I did, however, love that she allowed Alex to unload all of his frustrations on her because they thought she wouldn't remember, since she kept losing her memory every few minutes after Derek removed the tumor completely. Unfortunately for Alex, who cutely asked afterwards, "Did you forget yet?", the side effect of the surgery wore off and she could remember consistently from then on. And even more unfortunately for Alex, he only had but a few minutes celebrate before she flatlined. I was also slightly disinterested in the chief and Arizona's tug-of-war over Bailey. She had to choose between General Surgery and Pediatrics, and she ultimately chose GS. It turns out her husband gave her an ultimatum and she decided to divorce him, which means she couldn't dedicate two years of long hours if she intends on acquiring full custody of her son. Then there was Mark's lame attempt to get Lexie to move in with him and then ultimately deciding he would start creating a future with or without her by buying himself a house. Then there was Meredith and Derek's decision to post-pone their City Hall wedding by temporarily writing their vows on a post-it note and signing on a drawn line. Lastly, after seeing the torture Alex was going through trying to salvage his relationship with Izzie, Christina decided to jump head-first into a relationship with Owen. He tried to go back to war after a brave soldier opted to sever his pain-stricken leg and replace it with a prosthetic in order to go back to war, but Christina begged him not to, and then she convinced him to finally tell his mom he was back. All of that was great, but the epic moment had nothing to do with them. Nope!! It was all about George! George. The guy who's been completely ignored this entire season in order to squeeze in Mark+Lexie, Owen+Christina, and Cali+Arizona moments. That guy's storyline blew me away. After being trained in trauma by Owen for the last couple of weeks and helping him with the brave soldier, he made a decision to enlist. Yes, that's insane, but that's not what was epic. It was the John Doe that was carted into the ER because he pushed a pedestrian out of the way of a wreckless bus driver and ended up being dragged half a block. His face was swollen, there was bleeding in his cranium, and several other injuries that needed to be treated immediately. After Cali, Meredith, and Bailey were informed that George was going to war, they decided to schedule an intervention for before he clocked out at the end of the day, but the chief had given him the day off so he could spend it with his mother who would surely miss and worry about him. So while everyone hadn't seen George ALL day, no one thought for one second that he could be the patinet lying swollen and too destroyed to speak or hold a pen. The big reveal was done at the end when he traced 0-0-7 on Meredith's palm, the nickname that Alex gave him after he killed a patient. She freaked and ran to all of the attendings, screaming "It's George!!!!" I couldn't freaking believe it. What's worse is that he flatlines on the OR table at the same time that Izzie does, and we see her enter an elevator in her prom dress--the dress she wore on the day Denny died--and the elevator door opens to a view of George in his military uniform. The both of them on death's door. Who will die is the major question? I think neither of them will. I know there's been plenty of buzz that both actors want off the series for bigger and better things and more screen time, but there are a few things that make me pretty certain it isn't going to happen. For Izzie, it's the fact that she's made Alex a better man. Maybe her death could give him an interesting storyline of going down a dark path after so much pain, but her recovery could also provide a different type of love story that the other couples aren't experiencing. And as for George, the girl he saved, well, she's pretty much dubbed him her Prince Charming. Her knight in white. It's about time George had a love interest and some much deserved screen time. However, since his face is destroyed, there's talk of another actor replacing him after facial reconstruction. Woa!

Lost: Wow! I've never loved Juliet more than I did after this episode. Jack's plan to continue Daniel's expedition to nuking the island in order to prevent the future almost didn't happen. He dropped the nuke into the hole, but it didn't detonate. The magnetic energy was released and all the metal objects around the hole started to get sucked in, which includes the drill, the cars, the weapons, and the chain that wrapped itself around Juliet and dragged her in. Kate and Sawyer heartbreakingly failed to pull her out, and it was believed that she fell to her death. But we were shone that she woke up at the bottom of the pit, right next to the bomb. Instead of screaming for help or waiting to die, she out-badassed Kate (and even Sun), and raged at the bomb while pummeling it with rocks. Then, boom. All white. While that was my favorite part, the most interesting occurence had to be the moment we saw that John Locke had never risen from the dead and the man who said he was John was actually semi-introduced to us in the beginning. He was Jacob's ultimate enemy, the man who endeavored to find a loop hole in order to murder him, and apparently that loop hole was to convince a vengeful Ben to do it for him. Success. Jacob is supposedly dead, but he didn't die before telling faux John that "They're coming." Perhaps he was referring to the lost-in-time characters. Either way, this just got way more interesting. Who is this guy? How did he impersonate John? Why did he want Jacob dead? For the last question, I get that he wanted to stop him from bringing people to the island--the way in which he did that, by the way, was so awesomely depicted--but why did he care? Is the fact that Jacob wore white in the beginning and this mysterious man wore black symbolic of something? Could this dark figure be the myst that can manifest its self into any person? And was he the one who impersonated Ben's daughter in order to better control him? So many questions, and yet only one season left to the series. But according to the text promo for next season, "Destiny will be found."

Ugly Betty: I was super excited about Henry's return (although I would've preferred Gio), but I'm bummed that it lead to what I believe was the most unnerving double cross in the history of the series. Matt was heartbroken when he saw Betty kiss Henry goodbye--after they realized they would never stop loving each other--and because she dodged all of the opportunities he gave her to confess. So even though he suddenly had a professional reawakening as an artist, he decided to take his dad's job offer at Mode. But last we heard there was only one job opening at Mode and Betty got it. So does that mean he stole her job? He said he would be her boss though, so I'm not sure. Either situation is so vindictive and petty and...Mark and Amanda should help Betty bring his flaky, unreliable, indecisive ass down. Speaking of devious, I can't wait till Wilhelmina tracks down Connor. She needs to get more leverage at Meade, now that Claire is the Queen B. On a sad note, Daniel's storyline was sooooo heartwrenching. I really liked Holly and I didn't want her to die, but I appreciated how he saw her spirit when he won the magazine award--so romantic. My other favorite scene was when Marc took Justin aside and cheered him up after he was rejected from Laguardia, the one school he could go to where he wouldn't feel ashamed about being gay. I'm glad he's going to public school in Queens though. Someone needs to teach them, and all the kids watching, how to be fierce.

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