Tuesday, May 26, 2009

TV: NBC's '09 Finales: Chuck, Heroes, Life, The Office, 30 Rock, FNL, and Parks & Recreation

Chuck: Chuck finally got the Intersect out of his brain, but in order to escape the lair of a new mysterious organization after Bryce was killed and Sarah and Casey were captured, he downloaded an altered version of the Intersect into his mind. Only after it was done did everyone realize that the alteration was that now he is allowed to upload...which basically means that everything he didn't know how to do before, he can learn in seconds. Martial arts. Languages. You name it, he can master it. That promises for an interesting season next year now that he can save himself and he'll technically be their equal. Other interesting components of the next season is the fact that Captain Awesome knows he's a spy, his father is hanging around, Morgan supposedly moved to Hawaii with Anna, and there's a new boss in town.

Heroes: A new chapter begins and some of the "heroes" are fighting back. We've been led to believe that Sylar has been tamed, mind-warped into believing that he's Nathan, which leaves an opening for a more menacing villain. Water-girl seems to be the main cause for concern since she's murdering all the people who were involved in rounding up the heroes from this season. No word yet on whether it's because she enjoys it or if it's to protect Mika.

Life: This turned out to be the series finale. Luckily, they got around to giving us a nicely wrapped up story. Charlie succeeded in taking down the Russian, saving Dani, and he was even given control over all the dirty cops in Cali. I would wish for a 2-hr made-for-TV movie where he rounds all of them up and makes the most controversial mass arrest in the history of the LAPD, but I guess that's too much to ask for.

The Office: She's pregnant! I knew it! As soon as I heard the nurse say that they will have to do an x-ray and she has to make sure Pam wasn't pregnant first, I knew she would be. I don't know what's more enjoyable, the look of sheer glee on Jim's face or the fact that people will most likely make pregnant-bride jokes next season. lol Meanwhile, back at the company picnic, Dwight and Angela seemed to have moved past their anger towards friendship, and Michael hoped for a future with Holly after a comically sweet afternoon together. The best was when he said: "I think we're just one of those couples with a long story...when people ask how we found each other." Awwww.

30 Rock: Jack through a benefit for his organ-needing father that warranted a crapload of musical guest stars, including Mary J. Blige, Sheryl Crow, Adam Levine, Norah Jones, Sara Bareilles, and many, many more. Meanwhile, Liz somehow managed to convince people she was capable of giving relationship advice, finishing her enlightening rants with mottos like, "Not on my watch biatch" and "S that D! Shut it down!" It was a perfect mockery of archaic talk shows that range from "Maury" to "Tyra Banks." Jack said it best: "Suburban 7th graders have more sexual experiences than you do." That's sad...but true. And Tracy finally put the cherry on top of the ridiculousness that is celebrity commencement speaking. Honestly, celebrities don't deserve honorary PhD's, not unless they forked over that tuition like the rest of us.

Friday Night Lights: Coach Taylor has been offered a job on the other side of Dillon, Texas. If he takes it, he'll be up against his former team and it could cause a little strife with his principal wife. But the most important fact is that if he whips this half-assed team into shape and succeeds in destroying his former team, both Buddy Garrity and that douche Joe McCoy will have to eat crow. Can't. Freaking. Wait!!

Parks & Recreation: Leslie still hasn't made any visible progress on the pit, but she has reached an interesting point in her relationship with Mark. I think viewers were expecting him to be Jim-levels of Prince Charming, but in a span of one episode he managed to actually redefine Ryan-levels of sleaze ball. He hit on Ann while she was pissed off at Andy for unnecessarily prolonging his recovery for 2 weeks because he wanted to be pampered, and drunkenly suggested that he and Leslie have another meaningless one-night stand, which was never meaningless to her. Thankfully, he fell in the pit, possibly severely injuring himself. Paybacks a bitch. [On a side note: I loved when Andy reeled off the list of names his band had gone through. My favorites: Teddy Bear Suicide and Department of Homeland Obscurity.]

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