Wednesday, September 09, 2009

TV RECAP: "90210" - Season 2 - Episode 1: Annie Goes Down the Rabbit Hole

I knew Naomi's older gentleman was going to be married. And I knew he'd be married to that ass-kissing fame whore Bitsy Liberman (Elisabeth Rohm from "Angel" and "Law & Order") who hated on her just for being young. Envious much? I hope we never see her cheesy ass again. As for Naomi getting her come-uppance, I really really really can't wait till she finds out Liam slept with her sister and NOT Annie. I don't care if Naomi has deluded herself into believing she's in love with Liam. (Give me a break, you had one conversation with him.) But I don't think the big reveal will be as easy as just telling her. I doubt he'll even get it out in the seconds that she bothers to listen to him the next time they run into each other. He might even let it slip his mind if he gets her to shut up long enough to look into his eyes and trip onto his lips. No, I think she's going to realize Annie's telling the truth right about the time Annie loses it. Again, I can't wait.

Annie is overdue. She's been hiding her deep dark secret all summer long, and secretly keeping track of a John Doe hit-and-run that happened around the time she drunkenly hit someone and drove away. Now that she knows he's dead, I'm even more interested in finding out who it was. But I think the worst part is that she doesn't have a support system. Because Dixon was at Naomi's party, he was sentenced to summer school with the rest of the revelers, and therefore chooses not to believe her when she says she didn't sleep with Liam. He's going to kick himself when he finds out that it's his fault she got drunk at the end-of-summer beach party and lost her virginity to someone dumb enough to take a camera phone pic of the moment. It's obvious that much like the Dixon-obsessed Silver of last season, Annie likes to jump into the deep end and wallow in it. Without Ethan and Dixon keeping her head above the ever-rising wave of mass hatred, she's bound to drown herself in her own tears eventually.

Hmmm, I thought the new guy, Teddy (Trevor Donovan from "Days of Our Lives"), was going to be her knight and shining armor. But, at the end of the episode he gave her a weird knowing look like he'd seen her somewhere before—perhaps on the road she skidded off from—and he was super vague about why he transferred schools. I hope he has a juicy agenda related to her hit-and-run. But considering his father is very, very well-connected, I doubt he'd need to switch schools just to get back at her. His character is actually turning out to be a bit of a player. Not only does he seem to still have eyes for his summer camp girlfriend Adriana (who has beautiful long brunette hair now, and if I'm not mistaken more curves, like she actually had a baby, lol), but he's game for the challenge that is Silver.

He was smitten from the moment Naomi set her sights on him and he proceeded to flirt with both her and Silver simultaneously, causing Silver to say the line, "Flirt with her. This whole Vicky Christina Barcelona thing is not really my cup of tea." He even nicknamed her Vicky. Unfortunately, he later picks up her phone and notices a scandalous text from Ethan that mentions their prom kiss and the fact that he won't be returning to L.A. Then he did the unthinkable and mentioned the text to Dixon, ruining the fresh reconciliation they just had on the beach. Yay! Don't get me wrong. I want Dixon to be happy and I like Silver, but they don't have anything in common. She's like a perpetual downer and he's always so happy. Not to mention, her bipolar-infused obsession over him almost seemed revived when she said she couldn't breathe without him. I've never been in love, but I'm pretty sure she'll breathe just fine. So bring on the new love interests. Let's diversify. I'm also glad they added Teddy to the cast so he can drive some of the plots...and I imagine at some point he'll end up in a fist fight with either Navid or Liam—my money's on Liam. Why? Because if we've learned anything from "The O.C.," it's that the beach is for two things: fun and fighting.

Speaking of Navid, I must say I can't blame him for feeling so frustrated. I mean, I don't condone trying to guilt your girlfriend into having sex with you just because she's pretty much slept with half of Hollywood, but it must be hard to be constantly reminded that you're the first person she doesn't want to have sex with. That's almost a literal kick in the balls. That's like if a guy met Megan Fox and she suddenly decided to be celibate during their monogamous relationship. Not that Navid is anywhere close to being in Megan Fox's league, but you get what I mean. Poor kid is screwed. He either has to dump Adriana for punishing him for her mistakes or watch as she shamelessly flirts with every guy she's ever slept with while he stands on the sidelines. I, personally, think they're the victim of bad timing. Maybe it was good that she met him at such a young age, because he gave her strength, but he needed to have met her when he was older, because he's the guy you marry, not the guy you date.

Next week Naomi will send Annie's scandalous sext all over school, but can that actually top Silver's sex tape or Adrianna's teen pregnancy? Maybe because she's the principal's daughter and she sent half of them to mandatory summer school it's extra entertaining for them, but if it wasn't embarrassing to do, why is it embarrassing to publicize? From the previews, it seems Naomi will regret humiliating her when even her friends think the sext distributor was too cruel to Annie. But I'm sure all of this will just lead to yet another unwise act performed by Annie that'll lead to even worse consequences. Think about it. Double jeopardy! If she's already doing the time for sleeping with Liam, why not do the crime? Maybe this summer-long imprisonment has taught her how to successfully execute payback or maybe no amount of hazing will make her more vindictive than Naomi. That didn't exactly work for Lil J against Blair. I guess time will only tell.

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