Wednesday, December 09, 2009

TV RECAP: "90210": Naomi Steals Liam from Ivy, Silver Rejects Teddy for Dixon, & Annie Tries to Dump Jasper

The Emancipation of Liam
Ivy’s a gem—the best friend a boy could ever have. Too bad she’s not really Liam’s type. Apparently, juvenile delinquents with a penchant for surfing and building things really like stuck-up, drama queens with a keen fashion sense (i.e. The O.C.’s Ryan and Marissa). Was Naomi the logical choice? Probably not. But they make better TV than a couple that always gets along. So I’m glad they’ve resolved their issues and I’m glad she got him to lift the tarp—revealing a boat he’s been building to channel his anger—and I’m glad he’s vowed to be more open about his feelings and thoughts. He's already starting to share, revealing that his father “went away.” Now all we have to do is get him to translate that into either prison or just your average abandonment. Either could make for a juicy storyline next year. But even if Naomi and Liam's relationship promises to be smooth sailing, Ivy isn’t exactly down for the count…not by the looks of Naomi’s relentless need to openly insult her or their future bikini beach fight.

Dixon vs. Teddy
In other love triangle news, it seems Teddy is so serious about dating Silver exclusively that he would risk getting rejected by her not once, but three times—one of which includes a live public broadcast professing his devotion in front of the entire school. DE-nied! It was only after he stole a kiss at the dance and Naomi pointed out that she admitted she enjoyed it, that Silver realized she liked him. But once she saw him hugging—just hugging—a blonde, she figured he was back to his old ways. Dixon, however, knew the girl was his sister, but he did the douchetastic thing and failed to clear up the misunderstanding. That’ll come back to bite him in the ass for sure. If not, I'm sure there'll be plenty of consequences for the kiss he planted on her. You know what they say, “Once you go black…” “Guys love crazy chicks.” They may not watch soaps, but they love being apart of the drama.

RomeoDrug dealer + JulietMurderer
I was super-excited to see how Annie would learn that Jasper knew she killed his uncle, and to see whether Jasper was only dating her as revenge. But it turns out he figured, “You’re a murderer. I’m a drug dealer. It’s like we’re meant to be!” Of course, once everyone apologized for alienating her and proved they cared enough to conduct an intervention, where Adrianna promised to admit to buying drugs from him even if she would get expelled, Annie decided she was better than him and that she could do better than him. She is and she can, but will she? It kind of looks like she’ll have to stay in the relationship in order to keep him quiet. I secretly hope so, because that’s not how I wanted her to come to terms with what she did. I want a big blow-out reveal with her parents being disappointed, and her brother feeling guilty, and Naomi realizing the extent of the damage she did. I want it to be epic.

In other news...
Navid, Naomi, and Silver admired Adrianna's willingness to get expelled, so they're all bffs again. My only gripe with that situation is that she was only willing to do it after she realized Annie, who hasn't been in her friend in forever, was dating him, but wasn't inspired to do so after Navid told her that Jasper tried to murder him. That seems a little backwards. Proven murderer totally trumps drug-dealing boyfriend. Oh and for those of you excited about Navid and Adrianna's reconciliation, don't be. I hear she's going to be getting a female romantic interest next year and not just for one episode.
Navid has vowed that he will find some killer way to take down Jasper. Hopefully, Ivy will come up with another fantastic plan to expose him and they'll get Annie to put her stellar acting skills to good use. Hmm, that could potentially add to the epicness of her ultimate confession.
• Last, but not least, we caught Ryan downing some Vodka at the party he was supposed to be chaperoning, and it appears he'll be going to work hungover next year as well. Could it be? Did Jen turn him into an alcoholic? Or maybe he's so in love with her he'll consider letting her past transgressions slide and take her back. That should be interesting.

Which couple are you most excited about for next year?

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