Wednesday, December 09, 2009

TV RECAP: "Melrose Place": Murder Mystery Solved

The Real Reason Sydney Died
Finally! The murder mystery is over and done with. It turns out David’s stepmom Vanessa killed Sydney after going over to her condo to confront her about sleeping with her husband. But that wasn’t the juiciest morsel to arise from that flashback. It turns out David and his dad really do have the same taste in women—which is to say hot model-types—so much so that he even slept with his step-mom…five years ago. As in the same amout of time his little brother has been alive. That’s the last thing Sydney said before she was mauled by Mrs. Mancini. Now, David's desire to dote on his lil bro could be innocent, but it would make sense that he'd keep quiet about his paternity, since he can't raise the kid on his own, considering his lifestyle. Nonetheless, I look forward to seeing if he knows of the kid's paternity and whether he’ll use it to punish his dad.

Bye, Bye Auggie + Violet
I’m not sure why David thought it was smart to tell Violet that the little boy whose life he was entrusting her with needed to be kept from her mother’s murderer. The moment he finished that sentence I knew Violet would either hurt the kid, kidnap the kid, or kill Vanessa. But I didn’t know Vanessa would be carrying a gun or that she’d “poetically” die in the very same place Syd died. I think Ashley played that scene really well. It was the right amount of trauma, revenge, and shock. She laid it on a bit thick though when she saw Auggie kissing Riley, symbolically burning the painting she drew of him, but I guess that was the quickest way to dissolve their relationship without wasting dialogue. If she were sticking around, I suppose Amanda would take her under her wing, having vouched for her to the police and consoled her after witnessing her drown Vanessa (somewhat) in self-defense. One question though: What happened to the kid? We didn’t see him once after David dropped him off.

As for Auggie, he managed to convince Riley that she wasn’t ready to get married because she needed to “find herself,” which is apparently what people do after they get fired for being a model. Then when he found her mourning the end of her relationship, he thought it would be a good idea to wait all of eight seconds before kissing her. I wish they’d put the kibosh on both their characters. She’s such a flake. Next year, it looks like she’ll be working for Amanda, most likely doing more of that soul-searching—ironic that she’d choose to do it in a soulless industry.

The Lamest Love Triangle (which was more like a pentagon)
I could care less about Jonah and Riley's engagement. The moment he suggested eloping, I knew he wouldn’t even make it across the California border. Luckily, Ella got him a spur-of-the-moment movie deal, which gave Riley an excuse to bail so that he can work on a proper presentation. That was the last straw for Jonah. It finally registered for him that she wasn’t committed to their relationship and he finally got the go-ahead to bang his bff. He made this whole speech about wanting to be with someone who always believed in him and never had any hesitations about their love for him. At first, it kind of sounded like he wanted a perpetual ego boost, but since Ella did offer to cheer him up, after they thought the movie pitch was a dud, by going to a Kill Bill double-feature, it was obvious that there is a version of Ella that is perfect for him. Next year, it looks like Jonah is in for a sexual awakening (el)LA-style. But I’m sure at some point either he’s going to realize that they are not morally/ethically compatible, or he’s going to turn into a Hollywood-type after living by her rules and she’s not going to like it.

Lauren’s Brush with Death
Oh poor Lauren got roofied by one of her regulars. And to think, this whole part-time prostitution gig was starting to look so profitable and legit. I suppose the lesson here is that even when you’re giving it up willing, you should be wary of date-rapists. Oh and that there is no such thing as maintaining a "professional relationship," complete with mutual respect and boundaries, when it comes to being a hooker. I’m not sure what’s in store for Lauren, but none of it looks good. First off, David came to her rescue after she ordered her John to leave her alone. So when he inevitably asks her why she was in a hotel room wearing a slinky dress and suffering from an overdose should be fun to watch. Then there’s the fact that he brought her to the hospital she interns at, which means her superiors will have plenty of questions concerning her drug overdose. And finally, even if she manages to lie her way out of all of that, Dr. Mancini will probably avoid  her since she helped his son entrap him and the hospital bill will surely cut into her savings, especially if, in accordance with next year’s no-dark-stuff makeover, she stops hooking.

Next year, by the looks of the sneak preview, we can look forward to the addition of two new characters to replace the void Auggie and Violet will surely leave behind. I saw two guys, but I only recognized one. Nick Zano ("Cougar Town" and "What I Like About You") looks like he'll be joining the cast as another med student who'll intern alongside Lauren. And since we saw him topless, I'm assuming he'll be taking over Auggie's apartment...and maybe even getting Jonah as a roommate, since he obviously has nowhere to go.

Will you still be watching?

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