Monday, February 08, 2010

FILM TOPIC: Hollywood Reboot Trend: Daredevil, Spiderman, Bourne, oh my!

Is it my imagination or is this the decade of the reboot? I think it all started when they recast Batman in '05, Bond in '06, and Hulk in '08. Now the trend is catching on quick.

Last summer, it was announced that Fantastic Four and Superman were getting remodeled. Most recently, there's been talk of recasting both Jason Bourne and Spiderman. Now, Daredevil is getting the same treatment. Sometimes a studio reboots a franchise because the original film was a box office bust (Batman and Hulk), the vibe is no longer interesting (the cheesiness of Fantastic Four vs. the darkness of Batman Begins), the actor is getting old (Bourne and Spiderman), or the studio, directors, and writers can't agree on a script (Bourne and Spiderman). Daredevil, however, is getting remodeled because, according to Dark Horizons, "the studio has to keep producing films based on the property otherwise the rights revert back to the owner." I...don't really see why that's a reason to reboot. If anything, I'd restart the franchise on the sole fact that burning Colin Farrell's bald bullseyed head into celluloid was a crime in and of itself.

Forget who'll get to don the names and costumes of Bourne, Spiderman, and Daredevil. I want to know what else will get the refresh button pressed. My vote? Catwoman!! There have been rumblings, but nothing is solid yet. Anything to erase that abomination from my memory.

According to the poll you guys took, you're not at all interested in Daredevil's reboot, and were surprisingly more amped for Fantastic Four to get a new cast.

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