Sunday, February 07, 2010

TRAILER: Will Forte's "MacGruber"

I had absolutely no expectations for the feature film SNL MacGuyver spoof MacGruber. It's a funny concept, but not their funniest skit. I figured it would just be another SNL failure, like Hot Rod or Step Brothers, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover how funny it is. Will Forte (The Brothers Solomonisn't as annoying as I thought he would be. Kristen Wiig as his unwilling sidekick is equally hilarious. And Ryan Phillippe as the straight man is an interesting choice, but not exactly a bad one. Then of course we have Val Kilmer as the villain. Priceless. My favorite part of the trailer is a toss-up between his admitted inability to disarm a nuclear warhead and when he gets defensive about not wanting to pay for a meter even though being closer to his sidekick during a steakout would be safer.

Release Date: April 23

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