Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CRUSHWORTHY: Matt Passmore from "The Glades"

Where you've seen him: On A&E's new light-hearted, summer, crime series "The Glades."

Why he's Crushworthy: The series, set in Florida, is basically a carbon copy of every kind of crime series you can think of, from "CSI: Miami" to "The Mentalist," which makes it incredibly boring...except for the part where Passmore's character Detective Longworth cleverly solves cases, cracks smart ass jokes, and plays male role model to a single mother's kid. The audience wanting to see him solve the crimes is the only thing that could sell this series, and while he's no Patrick Jane, the charming Aussie does manage to keep you awake.

Where you can see him next: The series will be on every Sunday night until September, and if it can manage to survive the summer and successfully compete against "Mad Men," he could very well follow in the footsteps of the several Aussies who came before him.

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