Wednesday, July 16, 2008

MUSICAL: West Side Story Revival on Broadway

It's been almost two decades since West Side Story--arguably the most well-known musical in America besides Grease--has been on Broadway. But in March 2009, it shall return.

Arthur Laurents will direct it with the intention of giving it new life. Some reports are saying that there might actually be some Spanish words in the play and not just accents. Also, Laurent was quoted as saying that "Every member of both gangs was always a potential killer...Now they actually will be. Only Tony and Maria [will] try to live in a different world…" It'll make for an edgier and more authentic portrayal of this Romeo & Juliet story.

While Perez Hilton is shooting for Eden Espinosa (Wicked) to play Maria, I personally wouldn't mind America Ferrara in the lead.

Who do you want in the lead roles?
What other plays do you want revived? I wouldn't mind Guys and Dolls returning?
Which films would you want to be turned into Broadway plays?

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